Steph Curry Missed A Free Throw Today Which Is Actually Big News

The footage you are about to watch represents an event that has not occurred since June 16th, 2015. It involves Steph Curry, of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, and one of the rarest statistical occurrences to ever happen in his long and storied career. It occurred today, during the Warriors successful game four victory over the Portland Trail Blazers; a win that completed a 4-0 series sweep for the Warriors, securing them the Western Conference Title and a berth in the NBA Finals for the fifth consecutive year.

The rarest :

That’s the rarity. Steph Curry missed a free throw in the fourth quarter/overtime of a playoff game. He hasn’t done that since 2015. In the interim, he’s had 81 free throw attempts in either the fourth quarter or overtime period of an NBA Playoff game, and he has hit all 81 of those.

So there you go. You’re a witness to history: The first time Steph Curry has eaten shit on a fourth-quarter playoff free throw since Mad Max: Fury Road was released.

Didn’t have any effect on the outcome of the game, mind you – the Warriors now await the winner of the Bucks/Raptors series in the Finals.

But still: Rare. Very, very rare indeed.