Here’s Steph Curry Sinking A Behind-The-Back Half-Court Shot Like It’s NBD

Apparently the summer months and the off-season haven’t rusted-up the on-court abilities of Steph Curry much.

The Golden State Warriors held an open practice session as the march towards the 2018-19 NBA regular season continues, and despite the light-hearted nature of the session, Curry still managed to drop a highlight that’ll probably wind up in a Sportscenter top 10 real soon.

Footage captured by the Warriors’ local broadcaster shows Curry, calm as calm can be, grabbing a loose ball at half-court and casually hoisting it back over his head.

And it went in.

Come on. Come the fuck on. He didn’t even look at the basket before reefing that one skyward. That’s just a casual scoop and lob that tired blokes in the park try 10,000 times and miss on every single occasion. But because he’s Steph Curry and he’s not of this earth, it falls in.

Watch the damned arc of that ball: It’s like it got pulled into the rim magnetically, like a moth to a lamp.

If this is any indication of how his season’s gonna go, it’s gonna be a long-ass year for every other side in the Western Conference.

Ahh well. Good luck to ya, Warriors fans.