Steph Curry Crashed A Random House Party To Sink Cheap Frothies Like Threes

Professional athletes enjoying their off-season. It’s a genre of yarn that is deep and endlessly entertaining. Because when you’re a prominent and famous pro-athlete with oodles of money and time to burn the list of things you can do is practically boundless.

So while you might think most would choose to spend their time with family or friends, rehabbing injuries, or putting in a little extra work at the gym, turns out Steph Curry decided to augment that with the time-honoured tradition of sinking bulk piss at some random bloke’s house party.

As you bloody well do.

The lynchpin of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors was snapped on Instagram after wandering into a party being hosted by a complete stranger at a house in Rhode Island, of all places.

The story goes that Curry was in Newport, Rhode Island this past Saturday night, attending the wedding of former teammate Harrison Barnes. When the wedding reception ceased their festivities a little too early for Curry’s liking, he and other former-teammate Kent Bazemore took off in search of a coupla late night froth dogs to smash.

Enter: the house party of Instagram user JimboSlice401 aka Jim Marrinan.

According to TMZ Sports, Curry rounded up a crew of about 5 from the wedding at around 2am and, like a moth trapped in the pull of a bug zapper, headed on over to a nearby house that was “pumping loud music.”

The party hosts – a reported bunch of “20-something-year-olds” – provided Curry and co with Bud Lights and demanded they chug. Curry obliged.

They reportedly hung around for about 30 to 45 minutes before vamoosing, but that was long enough for the standard social media snaps to be taken and posted.

But hey, when you’re a two-time NBA MVP enjoying a little championship time off, then hell yeah you’ve absolutely earned the right to crush a few cheap, sly beers.