Things we know to be true about Conor McGregor‘s life situation right now:
  1. He has a child arriving at some point in May.
  2. He is training, but does not have a fight locked in for anytime soon.
  3. He remains absolutely flush with cash.
Fair enough then that he’d go out and get absolutely magoo’d before the responsibilities of fatherhood and the chaos of fight prep takes over what little free time he has.
And in true McGregor fashion, you never do that by halves.
McGregor and his cohorts reportedly began a five-day marathon sipping session at the UK Grand National race meet on April 8th. After that, the crew moved proceedings on to the Hilton Liverpool and the £300-a-night presidential suite.
Photos show the room fairly well dealt with by McGregor and co, with empty nangs canisters littered around the joint, in amongst empty bottles.

McGregor reportedly even went so far as to hire a private cleaning company to go in and sort the aftermath of the big show out, rather than shoulder that responsibility on the hotel staff.

Also, at some point McGregor apparently wound up in a treehouse at some random bloke’s house party.

Y’know. Standard behaviour, etc.

There are rumours swirling that McGregor’s next fight will take place at UFC 213 in July against Tyron Woodley, which if true means another delay in the speculated superfight between him and convicted domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather.
‘Course until then he’s a private citizen free to do whatever the hell he wants.
And if “whatever the hell he wants” is “get a hotel room with the boys and suck off a few cream bulbs,” then… hey, more power to him.

Source: The Sun.
Photo: Max Mumby, Indigo/Getty.