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At the beginning of Sydney’s current lockdown, sex toy brand NORMAL kicked off a huge 50% sale for all those stuck at home. To promo the deal a week later, they plonked a billboard outside Bondi Beach’s COVID testing clinic, encouraging folks to indulge in a little bit of masturbatory self-care during the grim time.

Now, NORMAL have flexed their maz-mongering ways down south, extending the sale to Melbournians who are now in lockdown for the next five days. You can use the code ‘SYDFFS’ (lol) at the checkout to get 50% off across their range of products until the end of the lockdown.

They’ve also parked a billboard outside the COVID vaccination centre near Flinders St Station, which rightfully reads as an apology from NSW for basically screwing the situation entirety.

Folks getting their jabs who’ve noticed the billboard have naturally been pretty dang amused.

sex toy sale NORMAL

“It feels pretty devastating to see Melbourne go back into lockdown again this week, and we realise this one is kind of Sydney’s fault – so we wanted to say sorry in the best way we know how (self-care to get you through being stuck at home),” said NORMAL’s founder Lucy Wark.

Lucy told PEDESTRIAN.TV that they’ve noticed a huge increase in sales since the beginning of Sydney’s lockdown, so it’s best you get in quick if you’re looking to pound away the lockdown blues.

The company actually launched to great success during Melbourne’s extended lockdown in July last year, so if there’s anyone who knows about Melbs’ at-home habits, it’s NORMAL.

“It turns out when people are left inside with not much else to do, a sex toy isn’t the worst thing to try out,” added Lucy.

‘Frankie’ – Was $70, now $35 with code ‘SYDFFS’. 

sex toy sale NORMAL

NORMAL stock seven different sex toys (like this external simulation master named Piper or this beauty named Frankie), as well as a range of lubes to meet your varying needs.

If you’re not sure which one to nab, you can take their sex toy personality quiz, to suss which device suits your vibe the most.