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If you needed any further motivation to have a cheeky maz (or ten) today, Aussie start-up NORMAL has announced that they’ll be slinging two for one sex toys this Black Friday, so your one-way ticket to Pound Town is well and truly here, folks.

All you have to do is head to the NORMAL website RN and sign up for early access by subscribing to their emails, then you’ll get a top-secret code to use at the checkout, and there ya have it — Midday maz cum at ya.

We highly suggest getting in quick, though, because last time, several of their hot faves sold out faster than a fuck boy in bed.

If you’re unsure about what to nab yourself, you can take the NORMAL quiz (which will take three-mins, tops) to score personalised recommendations as to what sex toy will pleasure you best. They also offer a 100 Night Stand Policy if you’re unsatisfied with your device after sampling the goods.

Each toy has a name (Piper is for your internal stimulation, while Frankie is for your external stimulation, for example), and prices range from $80 to $225 (before the discount). You can also cop two bottles of lube for the price of one if you’re looking to zhuzh your whole ~situation~ as well.


PSA Maz-Machines: Normal’s Slinging Two-For-One Sex Toys This Black Friday & Yr Destiny Awaits

Frankie (two for $80)

Sending concentrated vibrations into a rounded point that can be focussed on tighter spots (like the clitoris), Frankie is a great external stimulator that will help you find all the perfect spots and motions that work for you. Grab one for you and your bestie. Thank us later, folks.


normal sex toys

‘Charlie’ (two for $225)

Charlie is an old faithful wand vibrator that’s versatile enough for both solo or partnered use. With enough power enough to apply firm pressure when needed and the length to reach anywhere n’ everywhere, it’s a fave among us, peeps.


PSA Maz-Machines: Normal’s Slinging Two-For-One Sex Toys This Black Friday & Yr Destiny Awaits

‘Quinn’ (two for $225)

If you ever find yourself with a man that doesn’t provide oral sex, you’ll know there’s only one course of action. Dump him, and get Quinn on the case. With a sensation that feels just like oral sex, the Quinn is a great option for anyone with a clitoris that’s in need of stimulation.


normal sex toys

‘Flynn’ (two for $160)

Made to sit around the base of a penis or dildo. The pressure of the Flynn ring helps to strengthen and sustain erections, while the vibrating option helps to provide stimulation to a partner at the point of penetration. 

Shop the rest of NORMAL’s Black Friday range here.