Ah Hell: Victoria Is Headed Into A Five-Day Snap Lockdown From Midnight Tonight

victoria snap lockdown july 2021

Victoria is going into a five-day snap lockdown from midnight tonight, in efforts to keep the recent cases across the recent new COVID-19 cases contained.

Premier Daniel Andrews made the announcement of the state’s stay-at-home orders in a press conference on Thursday afternoon, just hours before lockdown kicks in. It’s the state’s fifth lot of stay-at-home orders since March 2020.

Residents across Victoria will be required to stay home for five days during the snap lockdown, and depending on case numbers should be eased at 11.59pm on Tuesday, July 20.

The snap lockdown restrictions will be the exact same as those that were in place in the last stay-at-home orders.

“This will be a hard lockdown similar to or identical to what we did a couple of weeks ago,” Premier Andrews said.

“If you were authorised to work then, you will be authorised to work now. If you were closed then, you will be closed now. It is detailed, absolute clarity.”

Once again, there are only five (5) reasons why people across Victoria can leave their homes during the snap lockdown. These reasons are:

  • exercise
  • to provide or receive caregiving
  • purchasing essential goods (eg. groceries and medication)
  • work if it cannot be conducted at home
  • receiving a vaccination

Masks are also required indoors and outdoors if you cannot maintain 1.5m distance from others.

The 5km radius is also back in place, with Victorians not allowed to go further than 5km from their homes for the duration of the snap lockdown. For grocery shopping, only one person per household per day is allowed to do an essential shop to limit movement.

“My message to Victorians is clear,” Premier Andrews said.

“We have no choice. We have to do this otherwise it will get away from us and as we more than any other part of our nation know, we don’t want this getting away from us and being locked down for months.

“Short, sharp lockdown, with decisive action – not waiting, not dawdling, not delay.

“Hard and fast, you only get one chance.”

Exposure sites from known cases are also continuing to be updated, with over 6500 people across the state isolating as primary and secondary contacts from known cases.

The state government stresses that Victorians should keep an eye on the exposure sites list through the snap lockdown, and get tested and isolate if you were present at any Tier 1 or Tier 2 sites. Anyone who has been at a Tier 3 site is to watch for symptoms and get tested if anything develops.