An Aussie Presenter Said Cooch On Live TV & The Clip Somehow Made It To A James Corden Show

Today Show cooch blunder

One day Aussie talk shows will be normal. One day. But until then, please marvel at how a clip of a Today Show presenter saying “my cooch is dying” somehow made its way across the world and onto James Corden‘s Late, Late Show, where jokes go to die.

Ally Langdon was co-hosting a segment of the Today Show with Karl Stefanovic (ugh) last week when she said the fateful words, in a gardening segment of all topics.

In a conversation about lawn care, Langdon mourned her own failed lawn, which is covered in couch grass.

“I want to ask, because my cooch is dying,” she began, mispronouncing the word as Stefanovic lost his shit and started giggling like a teenage boy.

Langdon tried to power through, but you could see in her eyes that she realised what she had done.

“What have you been doing to it, if it’s died?” one of the gardening experts responded cheekily, and honestly, I respect it.

“Well, the dog pees all over it …” Langdon responded, clearly trying to get past the fact that she practically said “coochie” on live TV and maintain her dignity. Spoiler alert, she just made it funnier.

“Try and keep the dog off it, and you’ll probably see results,” the gardener replied, and at that point Stefanovic had totally lost it.

“I don’t understand what’s going on with my co-host,” Langdon said. Girl, yes you do!!!

As if this couldn’t be wilder, the gardener then told Langdon that “cooch has got really good wear and tear tolerance, so it can recover quickly”.

Ummm get this gardener his own slot on the Today Show.

Anyway, #coochgate has since gone viral, and somehow made its way onto James Corden’s Late, Late Show.

“An Australian TV host had an accidental slip-up while discussing lawn maintenance live on the air,” Corden told his audience before playing the iconic clip.

“Everyone needs to grow up, OK? She’s just talking about trimming her grass down under,” he joked. And trust me, I say “joked” generously, because Corden making pube jokes about one of our journos is not cool with me.

But that doesn’t matter, because we don’t need him for this to be funny.

Aussie TV delivers yet again.