Karl Stefanovic Legit Mocked Meghan Markle For… Being Scared After Her Baby’s Nursery Caught Fire

Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon laugh at Meghan Markle.

Karl Stefanovic, who has the emotional range of a peanut, mocked Meghan Markle on morning show Today because he reckons she overreacted to her son’s nursery catching on fire.

Meghan Markle revealed on her new podcast Archetypes that she was still expected to attend royal events after a traumatic event.

Her son’s nursery caught fire when she was in South Africa, and while he was luckily not in the room when it burned, she was understandably left “shaken”.

Personally, I think her stance was very reasonable. If my room burned down while I was out and about, and then I came home to that, I’d be pretty fkn shaken too and there’s no way I’d be working. Now imagine what that feels like as a new mum, in a foreign country, navigating the politics of royalty who hate you, while also being crucified in the media for literally anything you say or do. It’s a lot.

Karl Stefanovic and Today co-host Ally Langdon, however, used Meghan’s vulnerable admission as an opportunity to talk shit about her. I wish I was shocked.

“So, just to get this right, the baby’s, what, not even there?” Karl sneered.


“The baby’s not there when the fire catches, right? And because the baby wasn’t there, she was going to have difficulties going to a function? Oh, my God,” he continued, rolling his eyes.

How do I even begin unpacking this take? This is literally like saying “Oh, there was an explosion on your street? Why do you care, you were at work.” Sorry but  proximity to danger is still scary and traumatic, even if you weren’t in the thick of it! The thought of what could have been is enough to rattle anyone! Please shut up!

Ally initially disagreed with Karl, but then he said: “That is not you talking. You’re a woman who says, ‘Grow a set’, that’s what you would say normally.”

You’d think Ally would call out Karl for mansplaining her own personality and opinions to her, but she just nodded. Complicit in this ridiculously uncharitable take. How disappointing.