Please Watch Karl Stefanovic Get Roasted To A Crisp Not Once, But Twice On His Very Own Show

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Gather round ye gossip-hungry binches, a new TV segment sledging has just dropped. This morning on Today, Karl Stefanovic was put in his place not just once, but twice, and it was fkn glorious to watch.

Joining Today was Tassie Senator Jacqui Lambie and 2GB radio host Chris Smith, for a discussion about the recent leaked text kafuffle going on at the moment.

ICYMI: someone leaked some spicy texts from an anonymous MP calling Morrison a psycho and it is the petty beef Auspol needs right now.

Stefanovic clearly had a couple of things to say about the matter, and got into a passionate spiel about how colleagues shouldn’t talk shit behind each others’ back because it’s cowardly.

“Can we have a moment…. I need to say this,” Stefanovic said.

“For whoever it was who sent that message, no matter how much you hate someone, it is a pretty low act and, you know, whoever did that is a complete and utter coward.

“I think not coming forward makes it even worse. I mean, bagging your work colleagues like that.”

This is when total queen and Today co-host Allison Langdon quite literally interrupted the three-way interview to completely slam Stefanovic.

“Hang on, hang on, hang on. What would you prefer to do? To say something about people in the back of an Uber or something?”

The reason this is so fkn zesty is because back in 2018 Karl and his brother (who also worked at Nine at the time) got in a bit of hot water for talking shit about their colleagues in the back of an uber for 45mins.

The call was reportedly recorded by the driver, with the incident referred to as UberGate ever since.

They reportedly spoke some mad shit about Richard Wilkins, Georgie Gardner, Mark Burrows and all of the bosses at Nine. So yeah, Allison Langdon bringing this up on air is maximum spice.

You can watch the interaction below.

To make matters worse for Karl, however, Jacqui Lambie was not exactly entertained by his enthusiasm to speak at length about the “playground level” text message scandal, and shut him down in a way only really she can manage.

“This is really, really embarrassing… (the government) are absolutely falling apart before we go into an election. Quite frankly, I don’t give a stuff who it is,” she said.

“I just wish they would start doing what needs to be done for the country.

“This is what we’re worried about? Who released the text message? Quite frankly, there are so many other big issues on the table. We’re spending time, Karl, on this crap?”

This man is copping some serious roasting on all angles. Makes me want a kebab.

karl allison
Peak journalism.

Karl Stefanovic, persistent as ever, then asked Lambie if she has any idea who the texts may be from.

“I wouldn’t have a clue mate. I don’t have time for that shit, I will be honest with you.

“Can we move on please, because there is a lot of other crap that needs to be fixed.”

I truly desire the balls it takes to hop on someone else’s show for a segment and tell them to move the fuck on because their questions are tiring. Icon behaviour.

If you need me I’m gonna be watching this Today Show clip on loop all night. Langford deserves a Walkley for this.