James Corden, Who Continues To Stick His Gross Toes In Every Musical Pie, Has Done It Again

James Corden Wicked rumour

James Corden, who continues to stick his gross fingers in every musical film pie, has done it again. Rumour has it, the late-night talk show host is about to star in Jon M. Chu’s Wicked. Help.

Broadway actor JJ Nieman is claiming on TikTok that Corden is unfortunately rumoured to play Dr Dillamond, a talking goat who teaches science to Glinda (Ariana Grande) and Elphaba (Cynthia Erivo) at school, in the live-action film adaptation of Wicked.

“Hm, hm, hm, I’m not gonna say anything about that,” Nieman reluctantly says in a video that makes me feel like a Broadway producer is holding him at gunpoint.

“Y’all not gonna get me today. I have ZERO opinions on this news whatsoever. Zero. Not one.

“I’m very happy for him.”


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Previously, Corden starred as a nightmarish floating head on a rat’s body in Cinderella (where he thrust his rat tail to the general public for “promo”), as well as played a grossly CGI’d cat in a skin-suit in the Lovecraftian horror-fueled adaptation of Cats! He’s also appeared in Prom and Into the Woods.

I’m starting to wonder if James Corden knows something we don’t because I genuinely do not understand how this man keeps getting cast in these roles. Looking at the comments, I seem to not be alone here.

As one person commented on the video, “James Corden to musicals is what Chris Pratt is currently to animation”.

“This man must have been a witness to something very secretive and promised to keep his mouth shut, only explanation,” theorised another.

Over on Twitter, people are literally begging for the role to go to someone else.



If you need me, I’ll be sacrificing my firstborn to stop James Corden from being cast in this film. If he isn’t, you can thank me later. If he is, then, well, God save us all.