Let’s Unpack All The Tea Behind Tracy Grimshaw Refusing To Hug Allison Langdon On Live TV

tracy grimshaw allison langdon

Some bulk tea has been spilled in the world of Aussie women in media after a behind-the-scenes clip of A Current Affair‘s outgoing host Tracy Grimshaw refusing to hug The Today Show host Allison Langdon appeared online.

The who’s-who of Channel Nine’s enormous media team (I’m surprised I wasn’t invited) all gathered to celebrate Ms Grimshaw’s last day as the prime-time program’s host. She’s had 17 years on the iron throne of Aussie TV, which is a lot of time to make many friends… and enemies.

During her farewells, Grimshaw can be seen giving a big hug to Nine News’ Pete Overton, refusing to hug a blonde woman and then giving another warm hug to The Today Show‘s Karl Stefanovic. Take a look at the spicy clip below.


Tracy Grimshaw has signed off ACA for the last time and also regected a hug from Today Show host – Allison Langdon on the way out 😬 bit awks. #tracygrimshaw #acurrentaffair #goodonyatrace #congratulations🎉

♬ Another Love (sped up original sound) – Tom Odell

The Today Show addressed the BTS footage to explain why on Earth Grimshaw would seemingly snub someone she would definitely know. It also provided another angle so we can pinpoint the exact moment Langdon’s heart breaks.

“Look how red my face is. I just got brushed. I don’t think Tracy knows who I am,” said Langdon.

“It was a tough moment.”

The show also revealed that Grimshaw texted Langdon after the footage was released to apologise for not seeing her. I love a happy ending.

“Ally,” the message starts.

“I just watched the guard of honour from last night and saw you went to give me a hug and I hugged bloody Karl.

“I’m sorry I missed you, was so overwhelmed and obviously didn’t see your petite head once Karl’s big boofhead loomed into vision. Argh, big sorry x.’’

In the end, Ally said she “forgives” Tracy Grimshaw for her blunder.

To be fair, if I was receiving a guard of honour from everyone I’ve worked with for the past 17 years of my life, I’d probably miss a few people out of sheer overstimulation.

The fun doesn’t stop there, however. ABC’s Michael Rowland decided to make a mock version of the clip, hugging a bunch of colleagues and skipping over Australia’s boyfriend Tony Armstrong.

It’s nice to see so many folks in Aussie media having a bit of a laugh — we’re so used to them being very serious behind the big news desks.