A Current Affair Has A New Host So Here’s Who’ll Be Dealing With Petty Neighbourhood Squabbles Now

tracy grimshaw on a current affair saying "whomst"

Ally Langdon has been named as the new host of A Current Affair, heralding a new era of batshit property stories and segments about nunchuck-wielding members of some sort of outer Melbourne militia.

The new appointment comes after queen of having bangs Tracy Grimshaw announced in early September that she’d step down from hosting the program after doing it for 17 years. Much like Kath & Kim, all good things must come to an end at some point.

You might recognise Langdon’s name from The Today Show, which she has co-hosted with Karl Stefanovic since 2020.

“It is such an incredible honour to be joining the A Current Affair team, a show I love, respect and have been watching since I was in school and Jana Wendt was host,” Langdon said, per 9News.

“I won’t lie – it’s daunting to be stepping into the role that Tracy has so brilliantly navigated for the past 17 years, with such warmth and compassion.

“I hope to bring my own warmth and compassion to the show as we continue to tell great stories that matter to our amazing viewers.”

Beautiful words, doll. Beautiful words.

Ally Langdon’s name might also ring a bell after what I’ve officially called the snubgate scandal, in which behind-the-scenes footage seemingly showed Grimshaw refusing to hug the poor girl during the outgoing host’s guard of honour.

It sent the media landscape into a right tizzy, and The Today Show even produced a three-minute segment investigating The Snub™. 

Obviously the whole thing was just one ‘yuge whoopsie doodle and Grimshaw just, like, didn’t see Langdon standing there. The tea was lukewarm, but it was tea nonetheless.

However, if we want to pop our tinfoil hats on for a hot minute, was The Snub™ actually some sort of elaborate bit so that viewers would associate ACA with Ally Langdon, thus foreshadowing her ascension to the broadcast throne? I’m half-expecting Nathan Fielder to announce he was behind this idea.

With Langdon jumping the Nine Network ship to ACA, journalist Sarah Abo will move to The Today Show.

The 60 Minutes reporter has previously worked for SBS and Ten. She was born in Syria and raised in Australia so, given the fact a recent report showed only six per cent of Aussie TV hosts weren’t from European backgrounds, it’s nice to see some on-screen media diversity.

Praying we see Ally Langdon flambé, grill, poach and steam a politician à la Tracy Grimshaw interviewing former Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It’s what the people want.