Craft Beer Bros Honour Trace Grimshaw, Concoct ‘A Currant Affair’ Frothies

If anybody wants to pick up a Walkley Award, just wait for hard rubbish day outside Tracy Grimshaw’s place, ’cause the A Current Affair host has just hit the new pinnacle of Australian journalistic recognition: she’s had a brew named after her. 

Oh yes. Thanks to the frothy folks down at Canberra’s Pact Beer Co. & Wig and Pen, the stalwart Aussie journo has been recognised with “Hello, My Name Is Tracy Grimshaw, And This Is ‘A Currant Affair’”.

Speaking to The Age, brewing bro Frazer Brown said the limited edition redcurrant sour ale – yes, really – has “quite a strong tart berry flavour from the red currants, some subtle salty flavours and a little bit confectionary.” Which makes a lot of sense if you think about it, really. 
The beer, which has been cooked up for the Ale House Project’s “This Is Red”-themed beerfest – again, really – is available for a limited time only at the aforementioned bar, along with ANU’s Wig and Pen, and the Durham Arms in Kingston. 

At this point, we think Grimshaw’s frothy future was predestined. Observe:

She’s yet to make an official comment on the new brew, but it’s obviously a career-highpoint nonetheless. We eagerly await the impending Q & Ale, and maybe a cheeky Sunday Pint. 

Source: The Age. 
Photo: Wig & Pen Tavern And Brewery / Facebook.