Rumours Swirl About Karl Stefanovic’s Possible ‘Today’ Exit, $2M Pay Offer

Karl Stefanovic‘s contract at Today is currently up for negotiation, and rumours are swirling that, in spite being offered a fairly gargantuan sum of money, he is looking to step away from the morning show to take on a permanent evening gig.
It was reported yesterday by Fairfax that Channel Nine have offered Karlos a three-year contract worth $2 million annually if he sticks around on the popular breakfast show, but that he has yet to sign on the dotted line. 
Today, News Corp are reporting on a rumour – and we’ll say again, it’s just a rumour – that Karl is dragging his feet because, after a decade of early starts on the morning show, he’s looking to step away from Today for a prime time gig. 
That gig, specifically, is the hosting job at A Current Affair, the position currently held by Tracy Grimshaw.
Karlos has filled in for Grimshaw in the past, and has filed reports for ACA, however, Nine have staunched rumours of a hosting switch-up, saying that the current host will remain in the role through 2016 and beyond. 
Nine reportedly fear a viewer backlash if Grimshaw goes, and a representative of the network told News Corp:
“Tracy isn’t going anywhere. A Current Affair has had an amazing year and Tracy is doing a brilliant job.”
Stefanovic was previously believed to be in talks with Seven to jump ship and host a revamped Today Tonight, but those talks have apparently ceased, and rumours of the Today Tonight reboot have been trashed.
At this point, his future at Today seemingly remains up in the air, so all we can really say is PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US, KARL.
Story: Daily Telegraph
Photo: Quinn Rooney/Getty