‘ACA’ Queen Tracy Grimshaw In Lockdown After Corona-Infected Rita Wilson Used Her Dressing Room

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

In case you weren’t already drowning in today’s coronavirus news, here’s one more piece of disheartening news – television royalty Tracy Grimshaw has been temporarily booted from her A Current Affair hosting duties after Rita Wilson – who has since been tested positive for coronavirus – used her dressing room. This has sent me over the edge.

Karl Stefanovic took the reigns instead tonight, and took to air to explain their current predicament with Tracy and a lot of their television crew.


“[Rita] was under this very roof just a couple of days ago… Obviously we now have real concerns about several of our colleagues including Tracy. It is a real worry.”

Wilson was on the set of Today Extra, and was in close contact with many staff members, such as the hair and make-up crew and hosts David Campbell and Belinda Russell. Everyone who was in contact with Wilson was subsequently sent home today as a precaution.

It’s also been reported that Wilson used a dressing room normally home to Tracy when she was getting ready. Tracy apparently had surgery last week, meaning her immune system isn’t as strong as it normally is, so Nine’s management deemed it in Tracy’s best interest to keep her in quarantine.

‘Tis a sad, sad day. No one fucks with Trace and gets away with it – I’m onto you Corona.