The Woman Who Went Viral For The ‘Not Real’ Plane Video Issues An Official Apology

tiffany gomas

The woman who went viral after someone shared a TikTok of her tearfully shouting that a “motherfucker” on a plane was “not real” has publicly apologised following the incident.

In a video shared by TMZ, Tiffany Gomas spoke directly to the camera, apologising to everyone on the plane and “especially people who had children on board.”

“As you know, I have been unwilling to speak on the viral video but I do finally feel that it is time.

“First and foremost I take full accountability for my actions, they were completely unacceptable. Distressed or not, I should have been in control of my emotions and that was not the case. My use of profanity was completely unnecessary.

“I can’t imagine going through that and trying to explain to your kid what in the world just happened. We all have our bad moments, some far worse than others and mine happened to be caught on camera for the whole world to see multiple times,” she said, holding back tears.

While Gomas admitted that she “highly enjoyed” many of the memes created about her, she does share that the experience of being in the negative viral spotlight has been “invasive and unkind” and thanked her family for their support.

ICYMI, 36-year-old marketing executive, Tiffany Gomas, became the subject of some pretty hectic internet speculation after a passenger recorded her freaking out and trying to leave a plane.

“I’m getting the fuck off and there’s a reason… I’m telling you right now that motherfucker back there is not real,” she cried in the video.

“And you can sit on this plane, and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to.”

While some people felt genuine concern for Gomas because of how terrified she seemed, others thought she was hallucinating, and some people even started conspiracy theories about her — including that a) the “motherfucker” was a shapeshifter and b) she was threatened by the government (????). It’s a whole thing.

Last week, Gomas spoke out after the ordeal for the first time— but weirdly, she hasn’t elaborated on what scared her so much, or why she was convinced the plane was going to go down in the first place.

“No one knows anyone else’s story, and no one should judge,” she told the Daily Mail cryptically.

“My life has been blown up.

“No one knows what it’s like.

“So much of what’s out there is inaccurate.”

No one knows what what is like????

Gomas told the publication she was consulting a lawyer because people were “staking out” her home as well as her neighbours’ homes. She also claimed people were going through her mail, which is so creepy.

Her comments came off the back of a police report which said Gomas’ distressed ranting was apparently sparked by an argument with a family member who she was travelling with about AirPods. It said she accused them of stealing the earbuds before her claims the plane wasn’t safe.

“Due to the statements the flight attendants felt the aircraft needed to be rescreened. [The airline manager] explained that the passenger was denied boarding and they wanted her escorted to the public side,” the report said, per The New York Post.

Passengers of the plane actually ended up being removed and also rescreened through security because Gomas’ concerns were taken seriously.

Police said a “distraught” Gomas was escorted off the plane, but kept trying to get back on it despite her ominous claims.

She eventually left the airport via an Uber, and that’s that.

While I can only imagine how difficult the last few weeks have been for her, it’s good to see that she’s doing okay now. I hope her apology can mark the end of the viral infamy so Gomas can get on with her life – even if we’re all still a little bit curious about what she saw that day.