Pls Cringe At This TikToker Realising Her Job Interview Recorded Her Bitching About The Q’s

A TikTok of a woman realising her job interview has gone horribly wrong.

Please pray for this woman who was complaining about how ridiculous her prospective employer’s job interview question was, only to realise the site’s one-take video was recording her the whole time. And of course, she shared it with us on TikTok.

Listen, there are few things in life that give me that butt-clenching, body-shaking cringe I used to experience reading Dolly‘s embarrassing moments in the back of my high school library.

However, messy TikTok videos come pretty close — especially this particular one, where a woman found out that her job interview was recording her while she talked shit about the questions she had to answer. Brb, screaming into a pillow out of second hand embarrassment.

TikTok user Chaylene Martinez (@chayjordan_) was sitting in front of her computer screen, prepping for her job interview with airline company SkyWest, when she read the first question to her friend over the phone.

“The question is … the stupidest, cheesiest question I’ve ever read in my life,” Chaylene told her friend in the video.

A full minute of chatting and applying lipstick later, she realised the site had been recording her the entire time.

The poor gal’s face went through the five stages of grief before she opened her mouth, closed it, and then opened it again to whimper out a “sorry”. At this point I would be changing my identity and booking a cosmetic surgeon.

Of course, the TikTok went viral, to the point where it was apparently shared to the SkyWest Facebook page.

“I work for skywest (sic) and this made its way to the skywest fb page and let me just tell you every comment is all of us saying ‘PLEASE hire her’,” a commenter claimed.

To make things even worse, Chaylene then uploaded another video saying that since her video went viral, her current employer found it — and now her boss knows she is trying to leave the company. Just great.

Take this as a cautionary tale folks — always check to see if your camera and mic is on. ALWAYS.