Some Genius Made A Supercut Of Premier Dan Andrews Asking Media If ‘Everyone’s Right To Go’

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews’ press conferences have become somewhat of a daily news staple for many Melburnians, and Aussies in general. Aside from the important updates, people froth the fit (either an open collar shirt or a North Face jacket), the cast of friendly co-stars (lookin’ at you, Brett Sutton), and now, Dan’s new signature catchphrase: “Everyone right to go?”

That’s what ABC producer Renae Barber realised when she created a supercut of the Premier uttering that very phrase each consecutive morning.

The result is hypnotic: “Everyone right to go? Everyone right to go? Everyone’s all right to go? Everyone right to go? Everyone right to go? Everyone’s right to go? Everyone’s right to go? Everyone’s all right to go?”

Like a manic yet COVID-safe nightmare, Dan Andrews appears to repeat some variation or another of this phrase ad infinitum, possibly until every last Victorian is indeed “all right to go.”

Of course, others might find both the repetition and Dan Andrews’ dorky tone somewhat soothing, and who could blame them?

As of late, these daily updates have provided a small dose of relief as numbers drop and Melbourne appears to be on the cusp of very gradually opening back up again.

This kind of supercut is a time-honoured format for simultaneously showing reverence while embracing the endearing Dan Andrews dorkiness we’ve all come to love.

Now let us pay tribute to a pioneer of the genre: the dude on Vine (RIP) who recorded his uni professor every morning.

Peas in a pod, these two.