Premier Dan Andrews has released CCTV snapshots of various empty highways and major roads around Melbourne, commending the city for sticking to the latest lockdown measures.

“Thank you,” Andrews posted to social media tonight, alongside footage of some of Melbourne’s most notoriously busy freeways and intersections now completely deserted.

The Facebook post, which has amassed over 100k reactions over the past couple of hours, shows the likes of Royal Parade, the M80 Ring Road and Flemington Road completely lifeless after 8PM.

Although it’s a promising sign that everyone’s abiding by the recent stage 4 lockdowns, it’s hard to look at some of the snaps and not feel a tad eerie.

Let’s take a look at some of ’em, shall we?

Monash Fwy / East Malvern Station

Punt Rd / Swan St

Eastern Fwy / Doncaster Rd

Check out the entire collection of unreal snaps below. And kudos to all the Melburnians staying inside in a bid to flatten the curve. We got this, team.

Speaking of the Premier, someone made 8 hours of lo-fi beats fused with Andrews’ press conferences to strangely soothe you for the next 6 weeks of lockdown.

Image: Facebook / Dan Andrews