An A-List Celeb Tried To Pay This TikToker For Her Eggs & People Are Trying To Guess Who

A TikTok user has confessed that an A-list celebrity tried to pay her $50,000 USD (66k AUD) for her eggs…and it wasn’t Easter either, they wanted to purchase her god-damn baby-making eggs.

Jenna Lee (@heyjennaleee) responded to a different TikTok where @missbelfong asked: “What’s the most insane actual rich person behaviour that you’ve experienced?”

“An infertile A-list celebrity apparently find me on a modelling website (apparently I look identical to her) so she reached out to a fertility clinic and had them reach out to me and offered me $50,000 dollars for my eggs.”

Honestly fuck the eggs, I’d give my whole-ass fallopian tubes for that much money.

Jenna couldn’t tell the story in just one TikTok, so told it in four parts. However, it didn’t stop people in the comments trying to guess who the A-lister was (Spoiler: we never find out RIP).

Guesses included: Charlize Theron, Hailey Bieber, Julianne Hough and Katherine Heigl.

In part two, Jenna talked about the rigorous testing she went through which took almost a year.

“Things escalate quickly and the next thing I know, I’m being tested every way imaginable,” Jenna said.

“I took so many tests: mental health tests, like interview, interview, more tests. And I’m passing them left and right.” (Wow this woman really out here flexing that she’s mentally stable I-I can’t).

She then discussed how Mr. Wong (the fertility clinic doctor she met with) also happened to be the same doctor that Kim Kardashian used when she had her own fertility problems. Wait so does that mean that little Psalm West is Jenna’s baby? No absolutely not, Jenna is white. BUT it could mean the A-list celebrity in question is mates with the Kardashians.

However due to the process taking so long, Jenna decided to conduct her own research into egg donation and discovered a lot of adverse side effects. There is very little actual research into the long-term effects of egg donation, but this article on egg donation by Strat News summarises it pretty well.

Despite the story not ending in the way that some of us might have hoped, the rest of Jenna’s profile is full of comedic-gold. No, not from her, from the thirsty-ass old men in the comments. I really want to know who told this man that ‘gluteus beautifullness’ was a perfectly acceptable way to communicate?

Straight TikTok literally terrifies me, I never want to go back there.