TikTok Rediscovered This Free-Range Chook Live Stream And I Cannot Wait For Chicken Run 2

TikToker Celia Gercovich discovered details about a chicken live stream on her carton of free-range eggs. A glorious revelation indeed.

In her video, Celia said she went shopping and found a seemingly innocuous looking carton of free-range eggs. But upon further inspection, she realised there was a label on the carton reading “free range webcam”.

What more could you want from a carton of eggs? Except, perhaps, eggs.

@celia.gercovichThis is amazing!!♬ original sound – Celia Gercovich

She googled the company’s website (or should that be eggsite?) and did some digging. The egg company in question is called Manning Valley Eggs and on their website is a tab titled “Our Chickens”. Very promising indeed.

Under the tag is a live stream which Manning Valley Eggs run from 10am to dusk all day every day, baby.

Celia logged on just before 10 but was met with good chicken luck. The hens were out and roaming free.

“So when I buy eggs, I always go for free-range ones and this is what I picture,” she said.

“Them just living in a big field where they can just run around. This just makes me so happy.”

It turns out there is actually discourse about free-range farm cams. Consumer advocacy group Choice has criticised cams in the past, with CEO Alan Kirkland saying they can be “insidious”.

“Chook-cams can be particularly insidious – they imply that companies are doing the right thing by letting consumers see into the farm,” he said in a statement reported by Manning River Times in 2016.

“But it’s not hard to find examples of edited footage or very limited camera coverage.”

On its website Manning Valley Eggs say that its chickens are “free to go come and go as they please between 9am and dusk”. Peak chicken camera viewing time.

Between the Alaskan bear cams, these chickens and those zoo cameras from lockdown, clearly there’s a strong demand for live stream animal content. Now Married At First Sight isn’t airing I want animal kingdom drama instead.