Friends, gather round, because like clockwork, TikTok has spat out another viral recipe trend, and the best thing is: this one is super fkn easy to make. Once again I must risk becoming incredibly hungry while writing a yarn to present this recipe to you all. The things I go through.

Introducing pesto eggs, TikTok’s latest love child. There’s no fancy name this time like ‘honeycomb pasta‘ or anything, and this one definitely won’t offend the Italians (my people) either. In fact, it’s pretty inoffensive, super simple, and is one of those dishes that’ll make you go “can’t believe I didn’t think of this.”

The more I watch these videos the more I’m actually sent into a state of disbelief. As an Italian, I have a jar of pesto in the house at all times. I also always have eggs, because they’re a brekky staple.

Have I spread some pesto on toast and chucked an egg on top? Of course I have, but I’ve never contemplated fusing the egg and pesto together to make a godly new creation.

All you have to do to make pesto eggs is put some pesto in a pan and fry it for a few seconds, and then crack an egg over your pool of green goodness. After some time as the egg cooks, the egg and the pesto should fuse into a green egg, kind of like the Dr Seuss book, minus the racism.

Have a goose and a gander at some of the recipes below, which mainly just stress how good these things are. Gonna whip these up as a midnight snack, I think.


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Honestly, this looks way easier than the viral feta pasta that came around a couple of months ago.

However, I don’t think this one is going to be as fun to cook with your partner/friends. It really doesn’t require more than one chef in the kitchen.


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And for the big breakfast lovers may I introduce to you, a pesto egg brekky sandwich. Fkn YUM.


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If you need me I’m going to go try this recipe right now, because it’s 100% the cheapest recipe I’ve ever seen on TikTok, and it looks DELISH.