The Creator Of That Viral Feta Pasta Recipe Has Shared 3 New Variations Of Her God-Tier Meal

Baked Feta Pasta Honey Pesto

Calling all carb sluts, your kitchen needs you. The TikTok queen of feta pasta, who is the reason everyone and their mothers has been trying out the recipe, has introduced a brand new variation, and it sounds twenty times better.

By now you’ve probably had a go at the baked feta pasta that has been going absolutely viral on the internet, and have come to the understanding that yes, it is EXTREMELY delicious. In fact, I just made the damn thing yesterday after seeing it on every social media I have, and it truly lived up to expectations.

Thanks to TikTok chef @feelgoodfoodie, the recipe has been watched by an insane 7.6M people worldwide, but now there is an alternate version, which includes, wait for it, honey and pesto. Something about that just screams autumnal deliciousness.

I mean, come on, cozying up somewhere with a big bowl of honey-sweet pasta? Nonna wept.


You asked if it was possible to make the baked feta pasta with another cheese, so I tried goat cheese! #fetapasta #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok

♬ original sound – Feel Good Foodie

The recipe involves goat’s cheese, a drizzle of honey, cherry tomatoes and pesto, all mixed up into perfection. @feelgoodfoodie, however, confesses at the end that feta cheese is definitely the way to go, as she was only using goat’s to showcase a different cheese.

Also, personal note, I had no idea which feta to buy (and the official recipe doesn’t say which one) so I just bought Danish, and the result was super smooth and creamy pasta, which tasted delicious. However, I think Greek feta would add more of a flavoursome kick, so maybe go with that instead? Either way, the results are perfecto.

Because the whole feta pasta thing has taken off, @feelgoodfoodie has doubled down on her quick burst of fame with even more interesting recipes than just the honey pesto one. Introducing the pasta-less baked feta dip, which has me salivating.


Moving on from baked feta pasta to baked feta dip – perfect for the big game! #foodie #bakedfetadip #gamedayfood

♬ original sound – Feel Good Foodie

And hey, maybe tomatoes aren’t really your thing because you suffer from a lack of taste. Lucky for you there’s another alternate recipe that uses olives, onions and capsicum… which sounds like a Greek dream come true. (I’m not Greek, but I’ve dated a few of them).

Take a squiz below and tell me if this one is worth making, because I’m in love.


Here’s a version of baked feta pasta without tomatoes! Original recipe on my website with more substitution ideas, tips & tricks! #fetapasta #foodie

♬ original sound – Feel Good Foodie

If you need me I’ll be constantly refreshing this TikTok page for more recipes, because holy wow are they good.