Nothing upsets the soul of an Italian more than TikTok recipes, which is why I can’t get enough of them.

You could say I absolutely love the pain of witnessing the ungodly things that chefs on the app like to do to pasta. Nonna weeps every time my eyes even gaze upon some fked new recipe being spread around as the latest trend. Alas, here is the new hyper-viral craze: pasta chips.

I know what you’re thinking, “what the fuck?”, because it’s exactly what I first thought when I saw it. Surely pasta wasn’t meant to be turned into a chip, right? Surely potatoes are better at being chips??

Well, not according to chef and TikTok user @feelgoodfoodie. And yes, this is the same person who made everyone and their dog head to Woolies to buy feta cheese for the viral feta pasta craze. She also had a part to play in the honeycomb pasta craze.

Look, if it was big on TikTok and involved pasta, she was somehow included in the chaos.

Anyway, here is the recipe to the ungodly new creation making the rounds online. I would make them so that I can try it out, but it requires an air fryer, which is the only unfortunate part.

In the TikTok vid below, @feelgoodfoodie serves the pasta chips up with a nice feta and greek yoghurt dip, because she’s simply obsessed with feta it seems. Honestly, they look alright in the vid, but like, I can’t get over the fact that this is a thing now. Pasta has existed for eons and nobody has turned them into chips for a reason.


#pastachips are my new favorite chips! They’re so good and make the best appetizer! #pastatiktok #summertime

♬ Music Food (Director Cut Mix) – Chad

And to make matters worse, she’s posted a variant on the pasta chips dish called salt and vinegar pasta chips. What’s next, pasta Doritos? Sour cream and chives pasta chips? Pasta Cheezels? I can’t take it.

You can have a gander at the recipe below, which uses bowtie pasta to create a simply feral dish. Nonna weeps, I tell you. She shakes at the very thought of it.


Here’s another variation of #pastachips – salt and vinegar flavor! You have to use more vinegar than you’d think! Perfect for dipping! #pastatiktok

♬ Music Food (Director Cut Mix) – Chad

If you need me I am going to convince my friends with an air fryer to make this bad boy, just to know if it tastes as bad as the concept sounds. In the meantime, it’s time to whip out the little book of Italian prayers.