Australia’s most loved celeb Sophie Monk has taken to Instagram to share her experience getting her eggs frozen at Monash IVF.

In three Stories this morning, the actor/singer/presenter wrote about how kindly she was treated by the staff at the clinic, adding “I can’t thank you enough.

In the first vid, Monk in a hospital gown and oxygen mask – the procedure is under anaesthetic, so she’s “a lil high still ” – explains what’s going on, saying that for the last two weeks she’s been taking hormone injections to stimulate her ovaries:

So I’m back in this lovely red carpet outfit, because I haven’t told anyone, but the last 14 days I’ve been injecting myself to freeze my eggs. I’m gonna check in a second and see how many I’ve laid. Hopefully it’s a lot. Wish me luck.

Image source: Instagram / @sophiemonk.

In the second, Monk aims to reassure other women considering undergoing the procedure, and also pans over to her mother, who described the process as “easy“.

So for anyone thinking about freezing their eggs like me for a preventative or maybe medical reasons, I’ve gotta say I had no side effects whatsoever. I know every woman’s different. I had mum injecting me, didn’t I mum?

Image source: Instagram / @sophiemonk.

Then in the final video she shares the good news/her still woozy excitement.

When doctors collect your eggs for freezing, they extract fluid from the follicles on your ovaries – that’s where the eggs live. And written on Monk’s calm is the exact number of follicles they managed to extract: 12.

That’s awesome!” she exclaims in the vid.

Monk writes: “I had 12 follicles and dr kee was hoping for 8… my reaction to the number “.

Image source: Instagram / @sophiemonk.

Monk told Who earlier this year that she intended to freeze her eggs after she came back from shooting Love Island in Majorca: “I am going to freeze my eggs when I get back from Spain — it’s all booked in.

Last month, Monk visited Monash IVF, where a diagnosis of endometriosis was confirmed. Endo can affect your fertility – but not always. Basically, if you’re experiencing really bad period pain or a variety of other symptoms down there, you should go see your doc.

We have never been this pumped about another woman’s ovaries. Best of luck to Monk with the next parts of the process – which involves identifying the mature eggs which will be frozen using a method called vitrification or snap freezing. Even just the idea of a bebé Monk warms our cold, dead hearts.

Source: Who
Image: Getty Images / Mark Metcalfe