This Cursed TikTok Of A Woman Washing Her Cooked Meat Has Sent The Internet Into A Frenzy

TikTok Meat Washing Video

The internet has gone absolutely batshit over a brand new TikTok video in which a young woman decides that it would be a great idea to tell everyone to wash their damn meat in the sink.

Yep, in the video which has taken off online, user @eemilydharperr (Emily Harper) claims to have a handy tip for everyone out there who is sick of their meat swimming in a pool of grease. That tip includes washing all the grease down the sink, and simultaneously soaking your meat under the tap.

All that flavour… gone. The video, of course, has split the internet in half, with some people saying that the video is absolutely outrageous, and others, like CERTAIN members of the PEDESTRIAN.TV team, seeing nothing wrong with the video to begin with.

“Let me show you what I learned in Nutrition a couple of years ago,” Harper writes in the closed captions of the video.

“All this grease is disgusting, so get rid of it! Look at the difference!”

Needless to say, you should not be pouring your grease down the drain, and you definitely shouldn’t wash all the flavour off of your meat.

“Did your nutrition class also tell you to microwave aluminium bc that’s the level of this video,” one commenter wrote.

Meanwhile, another baffled TikTok user wrote, “first off don’t put grease down the drain, secondly, it looked dry. just drain the extra grease with a spoon. You took away all the flavour hunnay.”

Some users, on the other hand, thought the video raised a good point about all the gross grease, with one commenting that “everyone’s worried about grease down the sink but not the grease going down their throats all day long.”

The video also got a few responses on Twitter that were absolutely hilarious, so here are a few.

The TikTok meat video clearly has some folks pressed, and I can definitely understand why.

Emily Harper, on the other hand, seems quite unbothered with the commotion that her video has caused, even making a meme follow-up that doubles down on her anti-grease tactics.

@eemilydharperrPeople acting like they never pour grease down the drain in my last vid. Calm down I rarely do it ???? ##Fyp♬ busy doin hot girl ish – Chelsea

Folks, I simply must stress. Do not wash your meat. Unless of course, you’re in the shower. Then uhh… wash your meat.