Way too many celebs – both local and international – have started spewing 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories and anti-vax bile this year.

Now, Byron Bay-based muso Ziggy Alberts has dropped a new track which fans and the folks over at Pile Rats noticed sounds an awful lot like those dangerous and completely false conspiracy theories.

Don’t Get Caught Up was released last Wednesday, and contains some pretty suss lyrics about “the news”, “facts”, and a shady group of people referred to only as “they”.

The lyrics delve into crank territory right off the bat:

It’s a slow burn
When we’re trying to do right by the rest of the world
And now they sell immunity too
In pills and pearls and tax
All our freedoms subdued

Right. Implying that immunisations are part of some corporate scheme gives off major anti-vax vibes, which are only reinforced by saying “our freedoms” will be “subdued”.

These aren’t the kind of lyrics you wan’t to mindlessly sing along to.

Later in the song, Alberts appears to make reference to 5G networks and their “faster connection”:

Can you tell me
What’s the cost
For faster connection
What’s exactly the rush?
If it’s safe it’s easy to prove
Just get tests done by someone else
And show us the truth
The truth it isn’t easy
The truth it has a cost
The truth is being censored
The truth is I implore, that for me
It’s not easy to do
When I have nothing to win
And have everything to lose

In his lyrics, he pulls out the age-old 5G conspiracy theorist tactic of asking for proof that it’s safe, without actually providing any evidence for his own, false claims that 5G networks are somehow danegrous.

Keep in mind, 5G waves travel at a lower frequency than visible light, meaning 5G radiation is no more harmful than a rainbow.

This isn’t the first time Alberts has made his views clear.

Since the pandemic started, he’s been sharing anti-5G, anti-lockdown and anti-vax content to his 205,000 followers on Instagram, including links to a petition to “stop [the] coercion of Australians to be medicated with influenza vaccinations” and another to “remove COVID-19 extreme restrictions”.

In another Instagram story, he appeared to encourage fans to brigade a Facebook 5G poll posted by A Current Affair. The poll, which recieved almost 130,000 votes, showed 44% of respondents saying they were concerned about 5G technology.

Byron Bay Artist Ziggy Alberts’ Latest Song Sounds Suspiciously Like An Anti-Vax Anthem
Alberts has posted several anti-lockdown, anti-vax, and anti-5G links on his IG story. (Instagram / @ziggyalberts)

Of course, Alberts isn’t the first artist to jump on this batshit bandwagon, with M.I.A. having also tweeted about it for ages.

Other Aussie celebs pushing this crap include Pete Evans (of course) and Anthony Mundine, while overseas, Fran Drescher and Woody Harrelson are among those joining in on the self-own.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, Alberts’ song sounds quite beautiful. Let’s hope it doesn’t become an anthem for any 5G coronavirus conspiracy rallies which might pop up in future.

Image: Instagram / @ziggyalberts / Janneke Storm