Celebrity conspiracy theorist chef Pete Evans has truly outdone himself on Instagram today, asserting that rioters should be tearing down 5g towers, rather than statues of problematic and racist historical figures.

Evans took to his Instagram Story on Saturday to share this real doozy of a post.

pete evans 5g

Now I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but not if the next guy is Pete Evans. So this post is hardly out of character for him.

In case you somehow missed it, Evans recently shared conspiracy theories about 5G reportedly spreading coronavirus (it doesn’t). Back in May, Evans shared a link to David Icke’s video claiming that coronavirus is “a fake pandemic with no virus,” a claim that has precisely zero scientific backing.

Pete’s Instagram has essentially been turned into the PornHub of conspiracy theories lately, with this being just one of many cooked Stories posted today.

pete evans 5g

Today in Pete Evans’ brain, we’re talking about soy and conspiracy theories.

In addition to the plethora of Stories, Evans has also posted a whopping 10 Instagram posts in the last 24 hours including a Bill Gates conspiracy theory, a Spongebob meme and a tweet from @FoodLies, which really sums up the sort of content you’ll find on his feed right now.

The call to have rioters tear down 5G towers comes after his recent 60 Minutes episode. During the show, the celebrity chef listed off a number of bizarre theories including one that Bill Gates is the mastermind behind the global pandemic we’re currently facing and another claiming that 5G towers are spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus. Truly, truly wild stuff.

It has been an absolutely insane year, but I think we can all safely bet that we won’t be crossing “5G causes coronavirus” off our 2020 Bingo.

Image: 60 Minutes