Pete Evans’ Next Career Move Is To Go Completely Off The Deep End On Instagram

Released from the restrictive corporate shackles of his $800,000 a year My Kitchen Rules contract at Channel Seven, celebrity kool-aid merchant Pete Evans has revealed his next career move: committing to being a full-time batshit edge lord on Instagram.

Since he was turfed from the lucrative cooking show gig last Friday, reportedly due to scattered speculation that Seven is putting MKR to bed for good and not because Government authorities slapped him with a heaving fine for claiming that a $15,000 lava lamp he was flogging could cure coronavirus, Evans has completely leaned in to conspiracy-laden, Trump-supporting ranting on his extremely popular Instagram account, going so far as to directly repost material yoinked from far-right nutjob factory QAnon.

Evans has been on a tear over the past handful of days, posting pro-Trump memes, ranting about the “mainstream media,” and conspiracy-laden Instagram stories.

Across the last few hours, Evans has twice shared material directly related to QAnon – the far-right conspiracy movement that directly resulted in, among other things, Pizzagate, the Hillary Clinton email brouhaha, and a 2019 FBI assessment of the group as a domestic terrorist threat.

The first involves a giant mind map of sorts, that appears to be a version of the unhinged, clear contacted signs with a few dozen fractured thoughts on them most frequently seen at protests like the Melbourne anti-lockdown demonstration, albeit with slightly better design principles.

The second, a little more on-brand for this type of thing, involves assertions that high profile people and celebrities claiming to have coronavirus are really engaging in covert broadcasts informing the world that they’ve been arrested for their part in the massive global celebrity pedophilia ring that definitely exists.

In addition to that – if it weren’t enough by itself – Evans shared a pro-Trump meme and directly attacked the “mainstream media,” insisting all he’s ever done is to “encourage people to think and feel deeply and freely about the many pillars of health,” in a lengthy caption that ended with him openly questioning “what is #Obamagate?” in reference to the long-held Trump assertion that the investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump Presidential Campaign was a deliberate falsified push to undermine 45, headed up by Barack Obama himself.

“This may be a great time to take off the mainstream media lens, if that is what you have been viewing the world through, and perhaps look through a different lens….or not,” Evans wrote. “The choice is, and has always been yours. It may be very difficult for some, especially when long held beliefs may be challenged.”

“I have personally seen what the mainstream media have ‘attempted’ to do with me over the years even when my only intention, has always been to encourage people to think and feel deeply and freely about the many pillars of health, including self Love, and to question everything….even what I share. This is a very exciting time in human history and we can all manifest our own reality, or we can hand that over to others with their own agendas or conflicts of interests. Do you trust the ‘experts’? what is #obamagate ?”

Clearly having the most outrageously normal one of any living person.