Pete Evans, A Class-A Spanner, Has Finally Been Sacked From His $800K A Year ‘MKR’ Job

Snake oil peddling weirdo Pete Evans has finally been given his marching orders by Channel Seven, with network officials reportedly terminating his lucrative $800,000 a year My Kitchen Rules contract.

Reports this morning suggest that MKR‘s dizzyingly low ratings this year served as the final nail in the coffin for Evans, with Seven officials currently in slash-and-burn mode in a bid to keep the network’s costs down during the on-going pandemic.

Though Seven itself has declined to issue comment at this stage, reports from industry industry insider blog TV Blackbox suggest that the parting was “amicable” after Seven bosses informed Evans that MKR is essentially dead in the water, with no plans to pursue another season of the show in the works.

Evans was recently slapped with a $25,000 fine by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for promoting a $15,000-a-pop “bio charger” device in a Facebook live stream that he claimed could act as a cure and shield for COVID-19. That in and of itself is not being touted as a reason for Seven severing ties with the – oh, let’s say “controversial” – celebrity chef, but you’d imagine it certainly didn’t hinder proceedings.

MRK was significantly re-tooled this year in a bid to revive the ailing franchise, which had copped a pummelling from rival MasterChef in recent years. The results were mixed at best, with the show delivering a viewership only around half of what Seven was expecting.

Evans, the 47-year-old chef, had appeared on every season of MKR to date, in a working relationship with Channel Seven that stretches back 10 years.

It’s said that he will now focus all of his attentions on his “alternative lifestyle” empire. Put out your activated almonds, etc.