An Aussie Influencer Has Been Exposed For Following A Bunch Of Tin-Foil Hat Hashtags On IG

chloe szepanowski anti vax hashtags instagram

Chloe Szepanowski, an Aussie wellness influencer from Queensland, has been exposed for following a majority of anti-vax and conspiracy theory hashtags on Instagram.

Szepanowski is the owner of activewear brand Szep and co-owner of the wellness platform WellWeb. And, from a quick look at the people she follows on Instagram, it appears she is deep in the tin-foil hat community.

According to a screenshot of the list of hashtags she follows on Instagram, via Aussie Influencer Opinions, the 23-year-old influencer follows a number of hashtags related to anti-vax and conspiracy theory thinking.

Of the eight that she follows, five of them are related to conspiracy theories. They include: #indoctrination, #dnaupgrades, #truthseekers, #simulationtheory and #spaceisfake.

Yep, you read that right. An Aussie wellness influencer literally follows a hashtag referencing the wildly untrue theory that the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 was fake and staged television.

chloe Szepanowski hashtags instagram
In an Instagram Story post shared this morning, Aussie Influencer Opinions brought attention to a series of conspiracy theory hashtags influencer Chloe Szepanowski follows on Instagram. (Source: Instagram / @AussieInfluencerOpinions)
The list of hashtags influencer Chloe Szepanowski follows on Instagram. Interestingly, five of the eight of them refer to conspiracy theory ideologies.

Now, we’re not saying that Szepanowski specifically believes this ideology, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to question whether she agrees with some of the content in these hashtags given she follows them.

Earlier this week, Outspoken The Podcast claimed that Szepanowski’s partner Mitchell Orvall “caused a scene” at a luxury resort during a buffet breakfast incident.

The pair and their son Artie were reportedly holidaying at a luxury resort on the Gold Coast when Mitch “allegedly caused a stir when he entered the [breakfast] buffet with no mask and no shoes”, host Sophie Taeuber said.

According to a source who was at the hotel via the podcast, when Mitch was asked by staff to put on a mask, he allegedly said he “can’t wear one because of a medical exemption”. The source claims that staff requested he put some shoes on and provided him with some hotel slippers.

Taeuber further explained that per current COVID rules in the state, Queenslanders don’t have to wear a mask if they have a medical condition nor do they have to provide a medical certificate to prove their condition. IDK about you but that sounds like a poorly worded rule that could allow anti-mask and anti-vax people not to follow appropriate health advice.

Back in September, the pair were caught under fire after Mitch shared a photo of Chloe maskless at a hairdresser’s.

Chloe Szepanowski
Chloe Szepanowski was seen attending a hairdresser’s appointment without a mask during a period where it was mandatory to wear one in Queensland.

At the time, the Queensland Government declared that face masks needed to be worn when inside unless you can stay 1.5 metres away from others, are at your own residence and nobody else is there but people you live with, are eating or drinking, or in instances where it is unsafe to wear a mask. Based on that information, that photo showed that she had violated the health advice at the time.

According to Aussie Influencer Opinions, the post was quickly deleted before Chloe made a post on her own Instagram account apologising for the “mistake”.

“It was my mistake for publicly not wearing a mask and I take ownership of that mistake,” she said at the time.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Chloe Szepanowski regarding the hashtags she follows on Instagram but she did not respond at the time of publishing.