Australia’s Set To Cop Flooding & Heatwaves & A Cyclone, Somehow All In The Same Weekend

Australia is about to endure an absolute horrorshow of extreme weather this weekend as we head into the first month of summer.

Australia is about to endure an absolute shitshow of extreme weather this weekend as we head into the first month of summer. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s probably climate change!

For starters, suburbs in Sydney are expected to max out at a whopping 44 degrees Celsius on Saturday per the ABC.

The high is expected to be some of the hottest weather experienced by the city in nearly four years.

The news isn’t much better elsewhere around the country.

South Australia, which only averages 18mm of rainfall during the final month of the year, could see parts of the state receiving as much as 50mm as might be the case in Adelaide.

The Eyre Peninsula near Port Lincoln could also cop 100mm of rain in just 48 hours.

A flood warning has been issued for the Mt Lofy Ranges, Mid North and Eyre Peninsula in anticipation.

Tropical Cyclone Jasper is also on its way towards Queensland with authorities warning residents to prepare accordingly.

The storm is currently classed as a category four and could make landfall around Cape Melville and Townsville as soon as mid-next week per Nine.

Credit: BoM.

“A tropical cyclone watch may be issued as early as Sunday but this will be highly dependent on the movement and development of the system,” advised the Bureau of Meteorology’s David Grant.

“We also do have severe heatwave conditions that continue across areas of Far North Queensland and also through areas of western and southern Queensland over the next few days.”

This definitely feels a little apocalyptic.

Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan didn’t mince his words either, saying “this is not a practice, this is not a drill, this is the real deal”.

Stay safe out there, people!

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