Cyclone Seth Is Wreaking Absolute Havoc, With Severe Weather Warnings Issued For Southeast Aus

Ex-tropical Cyclone Seth will mean cooked weather to rival Ms La Niña for Australia’s East Coast, as if you needed another excuse to stay indoors and repeat watch the Harry Potter reunion special.

The Bureau of Meteorology has now confirmed that Cyclone Seth is expected to move towards Queensland’s southeast coast over the next couple of days. There are also severe weather warnings out for NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT.

Cyclone Seth has already caused some significant carnage, including wild footage which showed a ute being sucked in to the sea at Rainbow Beach in Gympie.

The ute’s owner Bruce Howe told Nine News that locals helped to try and rescue the ute after it was swept into rocks.

“There’s not much they can do in that situation but people were trying to help unload the truck, belongings, surf boards and stuff like that.”

Bruce Howe’s Ute after being washed into the sea at Rainbow Beach. Via Nine News.

According to a Tweet by BOM, southeast Queensland is going to see showers and thunderstorms, so if you have to venture outdoors make sure to crack out your gumboots and a raincoat from the back of your wardrobe.

Beaches in Queensland and NSW have also been closed this week thanks to freakishly high waves and dangerous tides.

BOM has now cancelled an earlier severe weather warning for abnormally high tides, which were originally expected to hit the Queensland coast. The good folks at the Bureau are still saying that the ex-tropical cyclone will track westwards on Thursday January 6th though, sparking strong winds and rough seas in areas off the southeast coast.

It (or he? it feels weird to gender a cyclone) is being predicted to weaken on Friday. However, water levels are expected to be very high on Thursday and exposed islands and beaches can anticipate rough seas.

Cyclone Seth won’t just continue to impact the Sunny State: alas, people in NSW, Victoria, Tassie and the ACT can expect stormy weather over this week, so prepare to give your noise-averse pets many snuggles, or maybe even a weighted blanket.

Sounding very much like the cast of Love Island: UK, the BOM is predicting that things in southeastern Aus will also get muggy this week.

They’ve described the conditions as “unstable”, which is highly relatable given the general state of the world.

On the 5th of January, BOM issued severe weather updates predicting rains and storms for southeastern Australia, so if that’s you, make sure to keep an eye on any weather warnings.

People in Central, North Central, North East Victoria plus those living in some parts of South West, Northern Country, West and South Gippsland and Wimmera can expect severe thunderstorms tonight.

The same goes for NSW folks in the Central West Slopes and Plains, South West Slopes, Riverina and Lower Western areas, including Wagga Wagga and Narrandera, with risk of flash floods.

You can check out the recommendations from each state’s emergency service at BOM, and if you’re in an area affected by thunderstorms, make sure to stay indoors away from windows.

Looking down south, if you’re in King Island, West or North West Tasmania, BOM is predicting damaging winds on Thursday.

Canberra’s been experiencing severe storms too, as well as power cuts which are predicted to last until this Sunday for some residents.

So, if you thought it couldn’t get worse than La Niña, Cyclone Seth is here and he’s not clowning around.

If you’re in the southeast of Aus, turn on notifications for those weather warnings, crack out the candles and jigsaws and, most importantly, stay safe!