20,000 Fans Had To Leave A Sydney Music Fest During Fall Out Boy’s Set Amid Horror Storms

Fans at the Good Things music festival in Sydney walked out with their tails between their sodden legs after Good Things turned bad weather-wise.

The festival, which was headlined by American rock groups Limp Bizkit, Fall Out Boy and Devo, was cut short, as was an A-League soccer match nearby.

Just four songs in to Fall Out Boy’s set, fans were met with a frustrating display on the stage’s big screens.

“Inclement weather – lightning,” it began.

“A thunderstorm is approaching.

“Patrons should make their way to the exits. Do not shelter under trees … the event will proceed again after the storm.”

But then, as the minutes dragged on, it became clear the stage wasn’t going to come back online.

The festival put out to Stories on its official Instagram account explaining the situation in a bizarrely unreadable font.

“First and foremost, Good Things Festival (sic) paramount concern is the safety of our patrons,” it began.

“The entire Good Things team pour their heart and soul into the festival and strive to deliver the most incredible experiences.

“Ultimately the decision was made by the NSW police, state emergency service in conjunction with the festival organisers to evacuate the site this evening.”

Source: Good Things Festival via Instagram.

A follow-up Story was then posted a short while later, explaining the authorities’ decision further.

“Superintendent Karen Cook, APM Stated “At approximately 8.38pm Police received a severe thunderstorm warning from the SES for the Sydney area, impacting Centennial Park. Based on that warning, Police advised the event control team about 8.41pm to implement the severe weather show stop procedure. This was in line with earlier provided patron messaging and observation and monitoring of the weather conditions”.”

Bureau of Meteorology wasted no time in chucking up a ferocious weather warning on Saturday night.

The storm ended up delivering half of Sydney’s average rainfall for the month of December in 20 short minutes.