Queensland, Say G’day To Your New Mate: Tropical Cyclone Linda

The price we pay for living in Queensland, the most beautiful state in the world, is that we are constantly punished by God as penance for entering heaven before we’ve even died. That punishment takes form as a series of brutal tropical cyclones that sweep the state, mostly from November through to April.

Our friends at the Bureau of Meteorology have announced that the latest divine reparation to skirt our perfect shores is Tropical Cyclone Linda, currently a fair ways off the coast of Queensland, in the Coral Sea – around 1100 km east of Mackay.

Current predictions have Linda passing by the coast without making landfall, turning back into a tropical low by early morning on March 15th (Thursday).

Source: Bureau of Meteorology.

According to BoM, this tropical low will still cause trouble for those of us on the coast in God’s own state:

On Wednesday, conditions will become unfavourable for tropical cyclone Linda,
and it is expected to transition into an intense subtropical low.

At its closest approach to the coast, the remains of tropical cyclone Linda
will generate large waves and dangerous surf conditions about exposed southern
Queensland beaches. Tides are also expected to be higher than normal,
particularly on Thursday morning’s high tide. A severe weather warning is
current for these conditions.

The high tides and dangerous surf conditions are expected to extend from the Fraser Coast down to the Gold Coast:

As always: keep an eye on weather reports (the BoM Queensland Twitter account is super useful for stuff like this), don’t venture into dangerous weather, don’t drive into flood waters, and check on people you know who might be isolated and need assistance in the event of dangerous weather.