Is it just me or is the WA government basically condoning calling the Premier Mark McGowan daddy? Because I will kindly oblige.

The screenshot of a WA Labor ad asking residents to sign a Father’s Day card for McGowan has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit for being… well… disturbing.

Yeah it looks like some intern has had an absolute field day over on Marky Mark’s social media.

“State Dad.”

STATE DAD!!!!!!!!!!

STATE DAD… DY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever is on the social media team needs to be put in horny jail immediately. IMMEDIATELY.

The screenshot was also shared on Reddit, and it seems like most people weren’t impressed by the daddy joke.

“Are they clueless, or are they hoping the Facebook crowd are clueless?” one person wrote.

“Not too fond of WA Labor embracing using the “state dad” meme, however the fact that the party themselves are using it means it should die off pretty soon,” another wrote.

Now I did some digging, and by digging I mean a Google search, but I have yet to find any link to this Mark McGowan ‘Father’s Day’ joke.

Either it’s a good photoshop job, it’s been deleted or I’m not very good at Googling – but I’ll need to see more evidence before I believe this weird yet tantalising screenshot.

I do find the country’s sudden fascination with the sexiness of politicians quite interesting though. At no other point in time, would we have ever dared to call an Australian politician daddy. EW.

Now there’s a whole Instagram page dedicated to making politicians hot, and we’re (I’m) obsessed.

I mean these people are in politics for a reason, and that’s because they’re not hot enough for anything else (sorry not sorry).

Image: Getty Images / nico_blue / Matt Jelonek