Not sure when or how this happened but WA Premier Mark McGowan has become somewhat of a daddy. Yeah, someone actually went as far as getting the Premier’s face tattooed on them, and the man himself has responded.

WA residents must have truly gone loopy after Perth’s one-week lockdown, because a bunch of people can’t get enough of the sexy leader. So much so, that one person decided to get a bandana-clad Mark McGowan tattoo on their calf. Below McGowan’s beautiful face are the words “Westside bitches.” And I-I-I can’t…

The fresh ink was done at Jack Of All Fades in Scarborough, and they really are a jack-of-all-trades doubling as a barber and a tattoo parlour.

So what does daddy McGowan think of the ink? Speaking at a press conference on Friday, he seemed to be pretty shocked by news.

“You are joking,” McGowan said.

“I just urge that guy, I can send him the services to get tattoos removed and I’d advise him to do so.

“Fortunately with tattoos I understand you can get them removed these days so I’d urge that bloke to get it removed immediately.”

Aw we love a humble king.

AND if you don’t believe me when I say McGowan has become a sex symbol, then you’re clearly on the wrong side of TikTok.


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“Every middle aged Western Australian woman’s dream.” YES.


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If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that when we start paying attention to our politicians on TV, we kind of get obsessed.

Just look at Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, who made it into the Triple J Hottest 100 Top 20. And look at Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton, who has his own calendar because people find him that sexy.

At one point in time, the only sexy politician was Justin Trudeau. But now, we’ve been kept indoors too long and are giving a mediocre-looking politician like Mark McGowan our attention.

I didn’t think it before, but you know what? He actually is kind of sexy.

Image: Getty Images / Pool