Someone In Perth Has Cooked Themselves So Badly That They’ve Gotten A Tattoo Of The Premier

Mark McGowan

Another insane person from Western Australia has gotten a very permanent tattoo of WA Premier Mark McGowan (aka state daddy), which is certainly one way to cast your vote.

McGowan has become somewhat of a sex symbol over this past year, and yes, that’s what spending weeks inside will do to you. The WA Premier is now frequently called a daddy, and I must say we are really throwing that term around a bit too much. I’m guilty of it too TBH, I called Larry Emdur a certified daddy a couple months ago.


I’ve reached the age where I find politicians attractive 🤣#markmcgowan #markymark #westernaustralia #middleagewomengoingnuts #hotstuff

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The person behind this un-godly tattoo has gone one step further and now has Mark McGowan and the words “state daddy” immortalised on their body. Imagine bringing someone home from a night out, you both start taking your clothes off and then you see that on their arm. Hmmm…

The tattoo is the work of @bigdog_tattoo (Ethan Cascaino) a blackwork tattoo artist in Perth.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time someone has McGowan inked on their body. Back in Feb, someone decided to get a bandana-clad Mark McGowan tattoo on their calf including the words “Westside bitches.”

If this were a competition, the bandana-McGowan would definitely win. However, the fine line work in beer-McGowan is also incred. I have to tip my hat to both tattoo artists, but as for the people who chose to get the Premier tattooed on their body, all I have to say is WHY????

Even daddy McGowan couldn’t believe someone would permanently ink his face on their body.

“You are joking,” McGowan said at a press conference in February.

“I just urge that guy, I can send him the services to get tattoos removed and I’d advise him to do so.

“Fortunately with tattoos I understand you can get them removed these days so I’d urge that bloke to get it removed immediately.”

I said, certified freak, seven days a week, Mark McGowan, make that pull out game weak.