Thanks To This Insta Page Turning Aussie Politicians Into Hotties I’m Now Disturbed And Horny

hot aussie politicians

Good afternoon friends, it’s time to get horny over Aussie politicians! I’m just kidding (but you can do that in your spare time, I’ll only slightly judge you). What I’m actually doing is giving you the heads-up on an Instagram page that’s turning Aussie politicians into over-filtered hyper hotties.

Instagram page @hotaustralianpoliticians is taking the faces we know and (somewhat) love, and giving them a mega-glam makeover using filters and other devious editing tools.

Be warned though, you’ll start to question whether or not you find Tony Abbott’s face structure hot or not. Such is the power of these edited images.

Before we get into the piccies, it’s important to note that the creator of the page has put up an important message in its bio, clarifying that these edited pics are purely for laughs and that the beauty standard is evil, and everyone is already hot in their own right. Truth!

Alright, let’s look at some politi-hotties.

Here’s the commissioner of the NSW police force, Mick Fuller, looking straight out of the Bondi surf club. It’s a shame he’s wearing that uniform, because I was about the call him a super hottie… but alas.

Here’s Brad Hazzard looking like Pitbull‘s sexy twin. Which isn’t to say Pitbull isn’t sexy, but this new creation wins by just a smidge.

Warning: choking Hazzard.

Honestly, you can’t tell me that icon Dr Kerry Chant never looked like this at one point. It isn’t even too far off her current look. Obsessed.

Punchbowl queen, leak the beauty regiment.

This next one has rocked me off my axis. I don’t want to find any element of Tony Abbott hot, and yet here we are, talking about how I’m just an onion, and he can eat me any day.

I regret everything and nothing at the same time.

Joining the ‘shouldn’t be hot but is’ club is Malcolm Turnbull, looking like a professional ghoster that you can never stop thinking about because the sex was just so bomb.

Send me to the timeline where this man exists. I will risk it all. I am Malcolm turned on.

And last but not least is Gladys Berejiklian, who has quite a few transformations of her on the Insta page.

Introducing the first one, Glady B. The B stands for Bankstown. I swear I went to high school with this woman.

And then we have alt TikTok baddie Gladys O, coming to a Soundcloud near you soon.

You can check out all of the hot politicians on the Insta page, but be warned, you’ll find most of them at least a little bit attractive before you discover who it actually is.