Gladys Berejiklian Has Revived One Of The Great Genres: Politicians With Dogshit TV Setups

I’m not entirely sure what it is about politicians that makes them so pathologically incapable of watching TV in a normal, not incredibly weird way. But nonetheless, we now have another really bizarre entry in that ever-growing pile thanks to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her apparent attempt to tune into tonight’s State Of Origin clash four hours ahead of time.

Origin 1 doesn’t officially kick off until 8:10pm this evening, however this barrier of time is seemingly no match for Berejiklian, who appears to have skipped several hours into the future.

In a Twitter post made at 4:00pm – which is not, I have to be clear here, 8:10pm – Berejiklian appears to either be already enjoying the Origin game, or just so excited for it that she’s treating Nine Afternoon News as extended pre-game coverage.

Honestly, what in the sky blue fuck is going on there.

We are standing bolt upright, back facing the camera which conceals almost all insignia on the team merch, clutching an unopened can of Coke No Sugar like it’s sponcon, watching a TV mounted about 8-feet high on the exact opposite wall. So shameful is the placement of that TV that it barely even fits in frame. Just a diabolical arrangement all around.

While whatever home media setup Gladys does have there is quite clearly dogshit, it’s worth noting that it barely holds a candle to some of the more egregiously stupid efforts of yore.

Malcolm Turnbull in particular is guilty of some past acts of absolute filth.

In 2017 the then-Prime Minister watched a Socceroos match from directly beneath a high-placed TV that sported a cable-management system so rotten it should’ve been grounds for dismissal.

Not to be outdone, Turnbull also revealed a penchant for watching a TV carefully placed inside a ground-level credenza whilst glaring down at it like a passing dog.

Former attorney-general George Brandis might, in this regard, take all the cake though. And that’s largely due to that one time he openly bragged about watching a budget address on a bog standard MacBook that he had placed roughly 17 feet away from him.

For the love of god, someone get these people a flatpack entertainment unit immediately. This cannot go on.