It Pains Us To Say It But Dom Perrottet’s Gladys Berejiklian State Of Origin Shitpost Is Funny

I hate to be the one that brings you this news but NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has done… a funny.

Please cast your mind back to the hallowed, heady days of 2021, when Gladys Berejiklian was still NSW Premier. I know it feels like an eternity ago but in fact, it was this time last year.

In a now-iconic but heinously awkward photoshoot, Berejiklian posted a bizarre photo of her preparation for State of Origin. I feel like most State of Origin prep boils down to a trip to the bottleo and a quick survey of the snack cupboard.

But Gladys posted a picture of herself standing in the middle of a room, gazing at a bizarrely-angled TV on the other side of the room while wearing NSW Blues merch. She’s also holding a can of Coke in a way that looks slightly spon-con.

It was deeply weird.

As an aside, that couch configuration is completely wigging me out. Why is the seating organised as if this is an arena stage? Is Harry Styles going to pop out from under that table?

At the time, Gladys Berejiklian got deservedly roasted for the cooked set-up.

And as PEDESTRIAN.TV pointed out at the time, she also posted the pic over four hours before the State of Origin game started. So one can only assume that she stayed in that position for four hours, like a Sim.

A number of pollies got in on the joke including former South Australian Premier Steven Marshall and former NSW Deputy PM John Barilaro. As you may expect, as soon as politicians started copying the meme, it immediately became cringe.

But now NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has revived the meme to, dare I say it, chuckle-inducing effect.

Perrottet has recreated the picture to a tee, including the deeply upsetting couch configuration. You’d think on that Premier’s salary they could afford a nice interior designer.

Even the angle of the Coke can is spot on. It’s a rare occasion where I’ll commend a politician’s social media team but I have to give them a gold star sticker here.

It’s just a shame this one picture is more impressive than any of Dominic Perrottet’s actual policies!