Politicians Are Now On The Gladys Meme Trend & Just Like Everything They Do, It’s A Bit Late

This week NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian traumatised the entirety of Australia when she posted a photo watching the world’s smallest TV ahead of Wednesday night’s State of Origin game. Now, politicians are getting in on the meme trend and creating their own versions of the cursed image. BUT similarly to their timing on policy-making, they are once again too late to the game.

In the truly disturbing image, Gladys the Menace looks like me at any sporting game: awkward, with no idea what to do with my hands. However, there are multiple layers to this chaos, as she holds an unopened (?) Coke Zero in her hand  AND is standing up – despite being in a lounge room (??). Oh, and claimed to be watching the game at 4pm, when the game wasn’t scheduled until 8:10pm (???).

Of course, the internet had a field day with the image of Gladys Berejiklian and it’s become a viral meme. Even fellow state politicians like Steven Marshall and John Barilaro are jumping on the trend.

Again, someone explain why this TV is positioned ridiculously low to the ground?? TVs are supposed to be eye-level, dummies.


Nice try guys, but the regular folks on Twitter still did it better.

It’s not the first time a politician has broken the simulation with their unholy TV set up. Ex-PM Malcolm Turnbull revealed he watches TV on a high AF mantel piece, and my neck hurts just looking at it. Even worse, Turnbull also revealed that he watches TV while standing up (very similarly to Gladys). Jeez, you didn’t need to out yourself like that, bestie.


Sometimes I wonder if all politicians are just robots in a crusty-ass skin suit, because it seems pretty sus that someone could so royally fuck up the simple task of watching TV.