NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian inadvertently spawned Australia’s hottest new meme when she posted a photo of her self watching a tiny TV ahead of Wednesday night’s State of Origin footy gave between NSW and Queensland.

Everything about the photo was supremely cursed. The tiny TV in the distance, the unopened Coke Zero in the Premier’s hand, her awkward posture, the fact she’s bloody standing up despite being in a lounge room and, of course, the fact she posted the photo claiming to be watching the game a full four hours before it was even scheduled to begin.

The NSW state politics energy could not be stronger. Behold:

Within literal minutes, Aussies began working overtime to churn out memes upon memes about the NSW Premier and her extremely awkward and not-at-all-staged footy-watching setup.

First up we had the usual meme formats. These are truly classics.

Berejiklian holding a Coke Zero also gave off major ‘Kendall Jenner achieving world peace with a Pepsi’ vibes.

Others noted that her awkward posture (who the hell watches the footy at home standing up?!) looked just like a mid-2000s video game character.

Some people couldn’t help but make movie references. Berejiklian turning her back to the camera felt like deleted scene from The Blair Witch Project or something.

There were also plenty of music references to be made.

Eventually people just started inserting the NSW Premier into every topical situation imaginable, such as when the Ever Given blocked the world’s shipping traffic in the Suez Canal.

…or when the ABC showed an uncensored dong on national TV…

…or those weird and lowkey aggressive toothpaste ads.

Some people focused on Berejiklian’s cooked TV setup and decided to pay tribute to titans of the genre, such as Michael Scott and, uhh, former PM Malcolm Turnbull.

But perhaps the funniest post was the one that started it all. You truly can’t outdo the sheer cursedness of this official pic.

Last year Gladys Berejiklian didn’t have a great time during Sate of Origin.

Let’s hope – memes aside – her viewing experience was more pleasant this year.