Aussie TV Royalty & Politicians Reimagined As Anime Characters Is Truly Something To Behold

You may have seen it, you may have not, but the Anime filter on Snapchat is simply popping off lately, so I decided to run a few Aussie celebs and politicians through the system and see how they turned out.

The filter, titled ‘Anime Style’, is a new addition to Snapchats infamous filters, and is also the only reason I would ever download that cursed app again in my 20s.

I collected images of some of your favourite Bachie contestants, media personalities and some of your least favourite politicians, and my God, I think we have an Aussie anime on our hands.

Take a squizz at these bona fide masterpieces below.

Tony Abbott

Unfortunately I couldn’t use the onion eating pics, as the filter doesn’t really like when objects obscure the face. But alas, here is Anime Tony, with receding hairline and all.

Julia Gillard

Man, this is so iconic.

Bob Katter x 2

Adorned in an anime hat and all, anime Bob Katter is giving off youthful villain vibes, and I love it.

Also kudos to the filter for picking up that poor guy in the background.

David Koch (Kochie)

Some things are just too perfect not to share.

Kevin Rudd

Famed queen of the Twitter fingers, Kevin ’07 himself, unfortunately always comes out of the filter looking like a billionaire overlord who carks it on the season finale.

Bachelor Locky Gilbert

This is truly magnificent.

Osher Günsberg

I am not falling for an anime depiction of Osher. I am not. (I am.)


Looking straight out of Princess Mononoke, Montaigne definitely looks the most iconic in this filter.


Unfortunately for Briggs, who looks epic in every photo, the filter doesn’t like beards. He still looks cool though, which is a testament to his badassery.

Flex Mami

I truly am not surprised that Flex Mami looks this good as an anime character. Main protagonist vibes.

Abbie Chatfield

Blonde bombshell realness. I’d totally watch this anime to see her character kick major butt.

Iain “Huey” Hewitson

Culinary exrtaordinare looking straight out of a season of Food Wars. 

Peter Dutton

When the base material is this good, the artwork is sure to please.

Magda Szubanski

Something about this image is just so cool.

Kath & Kim x 2

Alright folks, who is making this a reality asap.

Ita Buttrose

The heavenly energy emanating from this single image is glorious.

The Veronicas x 2

This dynamic duo looked too good in the anime filter that I simply had to put them through twice.

Scott Morrison

Coal-mining antagonist vibes.

Penny Wong

I would trust this anime character with my entire life.

Sophie Monk

This is giving me total villain at the start of the season who switches sides after changing her ways. Either way, pic is badass.

And that wraps up the show. If you think I missed anyone I would love to see more anime characters sent my way. I am quite literally obsessed with this filter.