Famed Messy Bitch Kevin Rudd Dragged The Gov For Spending $3.5B To Fix Their Own NBN Fuckup

Kevin Rudd Messy

Kevin Rudd has leapt onto social media to resume his role as most entertaining messy bitch on Twitter, but this time he kinda has a point to make.

Sometime after the SMH reported on the Federal Governments decision to give two million households access to fibre-to-the-home NBN internet connection, Rudd took his chance to put a spotlight on his discontent.

“What a mega backflip on the part by Morrison,” he wrote.

“For 7 years they’ve botched my govt’s 2009 plan for fibre to the premises, instead wasting billions with fibre to the mythical “node”, giving us the worst speeds in the world. Now this! What total policy frauds.”

The highlights of this heated spiel are definitely “mythical node” and “what total policy frauds”. You keep being you, Rudd.

Basically the Morrison government wants to hook us up on super fast internet speeds of around one gigabyte (GB) a second by 2023 – for reference, we’re at half the global average with a 41.78 megabytes per second (Mbps) Their plan is to bring fibre cabling to homes, which is all well and good, but it’s also looking to cost around $4.5 billion dollarydoos, which is… not so good.

Naturally, Labor would be pressed at this information, as they had this exact idea back in 2009, which has, until now, been turned down by the Liberal government in favour of a fibre-to-the-node option that was pretty much outdated as soon as it went in the ground.

Although Rudd does make quite a few points in his messy bitch moment, followers aired out their discontent with him beneath his Twitter post, essentially creating a train of discontent. All aboard.

Simultaneously there were people who agreed that yes, this plan is a big old dumb move by the Federal Gov considering their previous stance on the matter.

Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese has also put his hat in the ring, with a much more level-headed response.

To complete the messy bitch triad, I excitedly await a response from the supreme shady queen, Malcolm Turnbull.