Studio Ghibli Adds Film Soundtracks To Spotify, So You Can Live Out Yr Anime Dreams

studio ghibli spotify

We’re officially one step closer to living in a Studio Ghibli film because the beloved anime studio has dropped all of its soundtracks on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and YouTube Music.

Sure, you wont be slurping delicious bowls of ramen or frolicking through the Japanese countryside, but now you can live your daily life to the soundtrack of Ponyo, Kiki’s Delivery Service or any of your other favourite Ghibli films.

All of your favourite films like Porco Rosso, Laputa Castle In The Sky and My Neighbour Totoro all have their glorious soundtracks available on streaming services, so you can feel like you’re in Japan, even if you’re at home in Australia scrubbing your toilet.

The complete soundtracks from 23 Studio Ghibli films have been made available on the various music streaming services, with the exception of the 1988 film Grave of the Fireflies, which Studio Ghibli does not own the rights to.

In addition to the soundtracks, there are also 15 “image albums” inspired by the beloved Studio Ghibli films if you’re in need of some extra tunes on your Sunday afternoon. There’s a whopping 693 tracks to choose from, which is more than enough to get you through your morning walk or cleaning session.

The news comes after Netflix acquired the rights to stream 21 of the Studio Ghibli films outside of North America and Japan in January this year. The three-part rollout will see all of your favourite films hitting the platform on February 1, March 1 and April 1 this year.

The full soundtrack can be streamed on Spotify here.