Folks Are Sharing Terrifying Footage Of That Blizzard Thrashing The US & It’s Fkn Apocalyptic

pictures of US storm. Buffalo blizzard and mass winter storm across country.

It’s hard to fathom given the sweltering heatwave steaming us across Australia, but a dangerous winter storm has taken hold over the eastern parts of the United States and left at least 28 people dead, according to the ABC. The pics to come out of it are apocalyptic.

Freezing temperatures saw electricity cut off for more than 200,000 people across the eastern states of America on Christmas Day.

Flights were cancelled and holidays ruined as the storm — which has been going for fives days now — raged on. Ferocious winds left 48 US states in negative degrees during the weekend, with Chicago hitting -21C on Friday.

Some local reports say as many as 30 people have lost their lives in weather-related incidents.

Buffalo, in the west of the state of New York, is one of the worst places hit by the blistering blizzard and is in “a crisis of epic proportion” according to New York Governor Kathy Hochul, per

With a maximum temperature of -6C, no power and piles of snow taller than cars leaving people trapped inside their homes and unable to get help, the conditions have been described as “life-threatening”. The storm has only just shown signs of easing but is still raging on — effectively leaving people marooned because emergency services can’t get to them.

Folks have taken to the internet to share wild pictures and footage from the event and honestly, this nightmare looks straight out of The Day After Tomorrow.

As someone who lives in Sydney, my brain actually can’t process icicles and a beach in one image. This feels like a defiance of the laws of nature.

Just look at that massive fkn wall of snow. Whole cars are buried in there!

Some people shared pictures of their front doors snowed in. It’s a scary prospect given people may have limited supplies but can’t get to restock.

The storm’s five day tirade is almost unprecedented and climate activists have warned these things could become the norm if we don’t take climate change seriously.

The Buffalo blizzard is looking like it’ll ease in the next few days. However, that doesn’t mean the danger is almost over.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz warned the death toll is expected to rise as some people had been stuck in cars for more than two days and others were snowed into their homes without access to medicine.