The 3,500KM Line Of Storms Is Here And It’s Set To Rain Havoc On Eastern Australia All Weekend

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A huge stretch of angry storms is residing over the east of Australia and is reported to bring a huge helping of fuckery. Yes, that’s the technical weather term for what’s happening in the sky right now.

It was forecast earlier this week that a low-pressure system was building in central Australia and would be moving eastwards to hit Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. In smooth brain terms, this means the huge band of rain that was eventually going to treat the east like a car in a carwash is now here.

Chances are if you live in one of these eastern states your sky is looking pretty grim. I couldn’t even tell you where the sun is right now, shit’s spooky.

According to The Bureau Formerly Known As BoM Now Formerly Known As The Bureau (TBFKABoMFKATB, or just BoM if ya nasty), the band of rain stretches 3,500 kilometres from the north of Queensland all the way to Victoria. Now that’s a power shower.

“Severe thunderstorms are likely to produce damaging winds and heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding in the warning area over the next several hours,” a BoM spokesperson said.

Weatherzone on the other hand had a bit more fun with their horrifying descriptor of the rainfall.

“Pretty much the whole eastern part of Australia is lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree,” it said.

Really stresses how wild this downpour is about to be.

Weatherzone also reported that NSW and Qld will cop the worst of the storm, which should ease by the start of next week.

There are now 50 flood warnings in Victoria and 71 in NSW.

Eight sites have been hit with emergency evacuation warnings including Moama in NSW and Echuca across the Murray in Vic.

Victorians, if you’re worried about flooding in your area, flood mapping is available on council websites.

For example, inner-north Melbourne’s Merri-Bek Council has an interactive map of the local government area that shows exactly which streets could flood based on location and drainage in the area.

As always folks make sure you stay safe out there and be not afraid of altering your beachside cabin plans for something a little more… inside.