Backflipper Of Meteorology The BoM Has Now Said It’s Cool If You Just Call It Whatever Ya Want

The Bureau of Meteorology, also known as The Bureau, has now said it’s happy for people to keep calling it the BoM. Are you keeping up? More like the Bureau of Makeupyourmind if you ask me.

In case you’re one of the few people not absolutely hooked on weather updates, the Bureau of Meteorology — frequently known as the BoM — asked everyone to start shortening its name to The Bureau instead.

Clearly, it didn’t understand that the reason why everyone loves the BoM acronym is because it’s impossible to spell both Bureauaeueu and Meteoreoreology.

The whole thing was a clusterfuck, including the revelation that the Bureau spent around $220,000 on the rebrand, yet somehow forgot to snag the relevant Twitter handles in advance.

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek also slammed the rebrand at the time, saying “during this time of severe weather and flood disaster, I’m not focused on the name of the agency”.

In a statement to The Guardian, the BoM has said it’s happy for people to keep calling it the BoM.

“The community is welcome to refer to the Bureau in any way they wish, including referring to us as the BoM,” they said.

“It is up to individual media outlets to determine their style guides.”

Wow, I’m relieved we can officially re-add Binches of Meteorology to the  PEDESTRIAN.TV guide.

The spokesperson also told The Guardian that convos with partners, customers, stakeholders and staff showed that the Bureau is “known by different names in different parts of the community”.

“This is in part due to the differences in how our name and visual identity are expressed across different channels,” they said.

“Their feedback has indicated that this variability can sometimes reduce effectiveness of our messaging.”

To be honest: I feel like BoM is a much more meaningful name than just “The Bureau”.

The Bureau of what, my dear weather-y friends? The “M” in BoM implies the existence of Meteorology — y’know, as acronyms tend to do!

After all that kerfuffle, the Bureau of Meteorology’s advice essentially boils down to “follow your heart”. And I think I will.